Caring for your Puppy

Bringing home your new puppy is exciting, however puppies need love and care. From TNT to you, here are some tips to make sure your puppies stay healthy and happy.

1. Make sure you feed your puppy twice a day!
Because you puppy is growing, you want to make sure you have the perfect amount of food. Make sure you find a dog food that isn’t just filling them up with kibbles, they need to have nutritious and healthy food and the perfect serving size.

2. Grooming your puppy!
German Shepherds have long and thick hair, and with the right food diet and brushing you will see that the puppy wont need a bath that often. However you still need to bathe your puppy after every two months using a healthy nourishing shampoo, containing natural ingredients. Remember that it is not healthy to bathe your puppy to often because you will dry out all of their natural oils. Brush them often, and because they have thick fur, make sure you have a flea protectant during flea season!

3. Exercising and giving your puppy space!
German Shepherds are very large and energetic, therefore they need space to let loose. Make sure you either take your puppy to a dog park, for a walk, or just let them run wild in your backyard for awhile.

4. Give them love!
Being away from their mother for the first time is going to be hard for them, therefore, its important for you to establish a bond with your puppy. Give them all of the hugs and kisses you can, and hey it doesn’t hurt to just sit down and talk to them for awhile!

5. Train them!
Your relationship with your puppy is important, and having your puppy obey you is key. Disciplining your puppy all the time is not fun for you, neither your puppy, so make sure to seek out the proper training for your puppy!
german shepherd puppy

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