Puppy Training

Backflips and high leaps may be a little complex for your puppy, but sit and stay is always a great trick. Training your puppy is very important for your relationship with them. From leash training to potty training, we have you covered! Here are some useful tips on training your puppy!

1. Patience

You have to have patience, the puppy isn’t going to learn how to sit over night. You have to stay calm and remember that this is new to your puppy, and they are learning something new not only about the trick but about you. The puppy is smarter than you think, they are taking this training and remembering how you trained them and how they learned. That being said hitting the puppy is a HUGE no no, they will remember it, and not only is it mean but it will make them mean.

2. Rewarding

Rather you give treats or just love, they need to be rewarded that they did something right, just like getting paid at work. The puppy will remember best what they are rewarded for, so !don’t be stingy on those treats


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