How we get the puppies ready for you

Want to know how the puppies are treated after birth?  How we raise them to be yours? Here’s how!

The puppies are born in a quiet, colorful  room which we keep warm, then the puppies are left alone to be with their mother for a day or two. After about two days we let them take their first glimpse of the world. While they are outside, depending on the weather, we check their genders and our puppy care taker takes photos of the puppies, and posts them for you to see. At four weeks old, the puppies socialize with other dogs and build long lasting bonds with humans and dogs.  The puppies begin their housebreaking lessons and are introduced to water and puppy chow.


The puppies get their first bath at 6 weeks old, and get their hair brushed and blow dried.  They also begin their obedience training, including how to walk on a leash, how to sit, and how to use the bathroom outside.   They  are slowly weaned from their mother at 6 weeks old only sleeping  and nursing from her until they reach 8 weeks old.

At 8 weeks old, when you are ready to pick your puppy up, he or she, will come with intro to obedience training, a puppy packet, 2 -3 rounds of dewormer,  1st puppy shots, immunization records and a collar.

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